Pole Physics Lotion

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Perfect for mum & bub, Pole Physics has been formulated for the most sensitive skin. With no chemical nasties this is an all-rounder lotion. You can use it when pregnant, when you're feeding - no need to wash it off to handle bub - no need to wash it off before poling.

Quickly absorbed, no residue, no artificial fragrances to interfere with mum/bub bonding. #polemumma is all ages & ideal for your #polefamily


  • Pregnancy friendly
  • Unscented so doesn't interfere with mum/bub bonding during breastfeeding
  • All ages formula - absolutely no chemical nasties to upset baby's sensitive skin

Primarily designed to be safe for poling, POLE PHYSICS won't leave gunk on your pole or cause you to slip. You will actually start to use less grip products. Owing to the special blend of certified natural extracts, skin tone becomes visibly enhanced. This is one single product to take you from preggy belly rubs, to post-partum recovery, through to breastfeeding & baby cuddles, & then finally when you're ready; back to your pole.

  • POLE PHYSICS is designed to improve your grip by improving skin health
  • quickly absorbed, no residue, pole-safe.
  • for all skin types & ages (0+)
  • high-quality raw ingredients
  • formulated to make your skin look great
  • formulated for ages 0+
  • NEW eco-packaging & postal materials
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Vitamin E (Naturally sourced tocopheral)
  • COSMOS Certified Natural Extracts

*200mL Bottle*

An all ages lotion, with no chemical nasties. It is suitable for sensitive skin. You can use it on BOTH you & bub, however we recommend you avoid the nipple area if breastfeeding. This lotion is unscented so it doesn't interfere with mum & bub bonding.

Arnica & Green Tea

For over 10yrs Pole Physics' unique formula has proven to polers around the world that healthy skin does grip better...naturally! Moisturizing with Pole Physics daily; your grip products will not only work better but your skin will grip better without them. Added bonus – this lotion contains Arnica to naturally soothe & nurture the skin, ideal for those polers with sore skin, brass burn & pole kisses. Make it a daily ritual for a more even complexion & skintone.

Our Green Tea & Arnica blend contains green tea extract, naturally rich in antioxidants to help give your skin a more radiant and supple appearance. The Arnica extract naturally soothes and nurture's the skin so it's perfect for those #polekisses 

#polekisses leave their mark. For some polers they fade & become a rarity, for others they stay the duration. Soothe your skin, even your complexion, & improve your grip by ensuring your skin is moisturised daily with a lotion purposed designed for pole aftercare.

Many Arnica blend lotions can smell rather clinical. Our specialised chemists have carefully crafted a beautiful, luxurious vanilla fragrance for this lotion. Its a scent that isn’t too sweet or overpowering… just the right blend to enhance this gorgeous, rich body lotion. Using the same quality base as our Sensitiv+e lotion, this pole-friendly lotion uses natural extracts to leave skin feeling soft smooth & cared for.


200mL bottle

Poler Fact: Healthy skin grips better than dry skin. Dry scaly skin will cause you to be much more slippery on the pole. Even if you don't have grip issues, with so much skin on show - your skincare should always be a priority. Enhance your tone & your grip! Using a body lotion every day is an investment in your pole performance. Pole physics enhances skin tone & firmness, but most importantly your natural ability to grip.


Sensitiv+e (unscented)

Pole Physics is the only product in the world specifically designed to improve the health of your skin when you pole dance! Pole Physics™ is not a grip aid but you can still use your favourite grip product! Pole Physics is a body lotion that will allow you to benefit from your skin's natural ability to grip. Healthy skin grips better than dry skin. Before Pole Physics we were all told not to moisturize in case we slipped on the pole, but now you can look after your skin & have great grip!

Do you have:

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Chrome /Nickel Allergies
  • Brass Burn
  • Dry & Scaly Skin
  • Sore skin from repeated training?

Pole physics Sensitiv+e is an all natural lotion specially formulated for Pole Dancers. It will help enhance the appearance of skin tone & firmness, but most importantly your natural ability to grip.

Performance formula. Designed for high-performance use. Athletes & dancers. No-slick. Non-slip. Quickly absorbed. Max hydration.

Super sensitive skin or #poleallergies? Our Sensitiv+E body lotion is perfect for polers that have sensitive skin! ‍

Our Sensitv+E Lotion is...

  • For All Ages 
  • Pregnancy Friendly
  • Sensitive Skin Safe
  • Great for Dry & Damaged Skin

Our no-slick, unscented formula was scientifically engineered to not interfere with your pole training. The worst thing you can do as a Pole Dancer is neglect your skin care routine. For over 10yrs Pole Physics' unique formula has proven to polers around the world that healthy skin grips better...naturally!